Mobile App Design and Development

Today’s era has seen an exponential rise in mobile app usage- the user experience quotient and expectations have also increased significantly regardless of whether your organization is a start-up, SME, or full-grown enterprise. Our technology geeks craft intelligent mobile apps with cutting-edge platforms that seamlessly integrate brand differentiation and flexibility to create the right impact and offer an unprecedented experience to your users.

Building game-changing mobile apps with future-ready capabilities

Silver cloud digital drives innovation by offering a broad spectrum of enterprise mobility solutions that help you stay ahead of the curve. We keep you well-informed at every stage of the mobile lifecycle development process and deliver industry-specific, cross-platform custom apps, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device. With high productivity and extensive collaboration as the focal points, we enable cloud-based deployments with both online and offline capabilities.

Mobile App Development Consulting

Mobile App Strategy

Starting with market research, relevant documentation, and numerous discussions, Silver cloud digital specialists will understand your business needs, target audience, and the intricate challenges associated with your industry niche. Right from impact analysis to viable assessments, we hold ideation meet-ups that will enable both of us to understand the roadmap to deliver an unsurpassed customer experience.

App Design & Consulting

After understanding the customer expectations and the path ahead, Silver cloud digital proficient consultants will chalk out an action-plan in line with your business requirements. We also discuss the various cutting-edge technological advances to make the app as future-proof as possible. Thereon, we create several wireframes and mock-ups that will include data-informed decisions to set the ball rolling.

App Development Engineering

Once the proof-of-concept and the right prototype are finalized, Silver cloud digital team will select the best-fit technologies, like Node, Java, .Net Core, and Python for your crucial projects. Next, we work out a complete architecture which includes aspects like cross-platform scalability and emerging technologies among other criteria. We follow the latest development scrum processes and continuously innovate during development in line with the application dependencies /changes/updates.

App Testing & Handover

With a complete focus on User-experience, Silver cloud digital Quality team performs rigorous checks at every stage of the testing processes, right from unit, integration, system, alpha, beta and final comprehensive testing before releasing and the subsequent handover. We also incorporate coherent UX/UI design optimizations to create an immersive user experience. In addition, we offer a competent service desk that would help with the training and support services.

Cross-Platform Design & Development Services

Silver cloud digital helps organizations completely offload their mobile app development needs, freeing them up to focus on their core business competencies and obtain tangible results.

Native App Development

Silver cloud digital takes complete ownership of the native app development lifecycle starting with extensive research, planning, data-driven analysis-and-design, sublime UX/UI implementation, programming, high-quality testing, to production-ready operational stabilization. Your native apps run seamlessly on your chosen platform, considering important aspects such as scalability and future-proofing to name a few. We take into account time-to-market, custom client preferences, and fruitful user-interaction while bringing your ideas to life with the right expertise and ultimate transparency.

Hybrid App Development

Silver cloud digital realizes the need and potential for building hybrid apps with multi-platform compatibility like Android, IOS, and Windows 10 in a meaningful and intuitive design-led paradigm. With effectual problem-solving and absolute validation techniques, our experts ensure sound and impactful decision making without any clutter. Incorporating the latest industry-best practices, your hybrid apps are designed and delivered on a timely basis.  In line with the usability requirements and recent technological advances, we carve cross-platform solutions resulting in a satisfying user experience.

To infer, we abstract all the mobile app development pain points and ensure that the mobile apps are fully-functional and precise for our customers and their user-base. To top it up, we offer staff augmentation services and a fully-trained help desk that simplify continual evolution and enable you to consistently maintain that competitive edge.

Xamarin for superior multi-platform adaptability and reliability

Xamarin is a complete utility, which helps build high-performance, cross-platform apps that are fully-functional on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS alike. Written with backend code, you can integrate business logic and data access among other aspects during the development process itself while leveraging the benefits of platform-based hardware acceleration, increased memory sharing, and significantly-reduced start-up time.

As you can share up to 90% of the code-base, changes can be implemented and deployed rapidly, simultaneously saving comprehensive development time. Xamarin apps showcase native app performance and are highly-customizable, thereby allocating a unique feel and functionality. Xamarin’s power-packed abilities also promote rapid cloud-integration and ensure easy code upkeep.

Silver cloud digital Xamarin specialists create apps with enterprise mobility baked-in right from consulting, strategy, design, development, deployment, stabilization, to ultimate handover. Our intuitive mobile apps facilitate future-proof scalability that enables you to gain a competitive edge amidst today’s fast-paced businesses with no compromises of even razor-thin margins.

We are more of Xamarin Technology Partners than just a Xamarin mobile app development organization, where developing ground-breaking mobility solutions is the cornerstone of our business. To infer, our business competencies help your enterprise implement actionable insights and unlock tremendous potential for increased operational workflow efficiencies and obtaining tangible results.