Application Optimization

silver cloud digital is a pioneer in the Application Optimization niche and has helped enterprises up their game in today’s technologically-advanced era. We remove all the chinks in the armor for mobile/web applications by scrutinizing the application architecture, database design, code, app resources, and infrastructure, while taking your application performance several notches above the norm.

Application Optimization – a holistic solution

Sustainability and reliability are mission-critical aspects of enterprise mobility today, and improper application performance can lead to significant hindrances. Poor application performance can lead to higher bounce rates, an unsatisfactory customer experience, and impact the revenue drastically. silver cloud digital addresses these concerns totally as we know how crucial sales, customer satisfaction and retention, and user experience are to any enterprise, regardless of the size or client base. We abstract your application worries, freeing you up completely to focus on your core business competencies.

Application Optimization Services suite

Application architecture checkup

We check for all the bottlenecks that arise out of issues related to the application architecture and design. We not only point out the flaws but also help fix them to boost your application performance.

Performance tuning

We test your application in our testing labs to check for any performance issues. We ensure ultimate usability and performance so that your app functions well on any target platform or device.

Internet lifecycle assessment

We double-check for any internet-relevant concerns such as latency and DNS lookup amid others. We not only provide detailed reports that pinpoint the issues but also assist in resolving them efficiently.

Infrastructure Analysis

We check for any infrastructure-related problems by analyzing whether the components used to deliver the service and the connectivity between them is impacting the app performance.

Database Design lookup

We audit your database structure and performance to see any anomalies that may be adversely affecting the performance. We then provide in-depth details on how to fix these discrepancies for better outcomes.

Maintenance and Support

silver cloud digital ensures round-the-clock support at each stage. Our specialists address your critical concerns by providing quick fixes and implementing precise change management techniques.