When it comes to GPS tracking. Track9 Seccurity has got you covered ….


When it comes to GPS tracking, Track9 Security has got you covered. We offer a full line of GPS tracking devices to be used for a variety of needs, from personal uses like tracking for teen drivers, children, elderly, or special needs relatives to business tracking such as fleet tracking or large asset tracking. Track9 devices are specially curate to ensure that we’re providing our customers with

Solution Built

A solution has been designed with reference to the problem definition and produced product that can be used to track any assets on field

  • Designed API layer to plug and play wide range of devices with protocol like GT06. tk103b. json based etc.
  • Designed Mobile app to work as GPS device and sends location to cloud
  • In low internet / No internet local storage at device level to maintain the data
  • Peal-time Alert On internet. Speed. Geo Fence and Battery Level
  • Dashboard for Admin. Institution.
  • Mobile App to track assets on the go.
  • Analytic and Driver Behavior


Real time tracking

SOS alerts

Battery Alerts

Track History

Speed Alerts

Geofence Alerts